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MedCOR Professionals has been a leading medical supplier in Scarborough, Maine for over 20 years. They are one of the few companies in New England who offer personalized medical care to cater to all phases of a patient's health and recovery.

MedCOR partners with product vendors to provide high quality medical supplies that ensure customers are cared for and are provided the highest level of customer service. 

StrideTech learned about MedCOR Professionals through their Development Director, Christopher Krause. “I sought a partnership with StrideTech,” said Krause, “because we are passionate about mobility and innovation and we are even more passionate about the safety of our customers.” Krause has been an Occupational Therapist for nearly 30 years, focusing on adult rehab and senior care.

“Our shared vision of a world where walker users are more mobile, more confident and able to enjoy their friends and family safely is what has made our partnership strong since day one,” said Timothy Visos-Ely, StrideTech Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. “Both MedCOR and StrideTech have placed patients’ experience and safety at the core of what we do.”

In January 2021, StrideTech and MedCOR Professionals established a distribution agreement which allows our StrideTech GO product to begin distribution in Summer 2022. MedCOR anticipates introducing StrideTech GO to dozens of senior living communities and home care agencies per quarter. Through existing relationships and trust built with providers throughout New England, they will demonstrate the value and efficacy of the product as they engage with residents, families, therapists, care staff, and management. By showcasing StrideTech GO at various conferences and events, MedCOR aims to reach even more people by highlighting the product’s ability to improve safety across their diverse line of mobility devices from many manufacturers. MedCOR has already begun this process and anticipates initial sales will be utilizing a business to business to consumer (B2B2C) sales strategies in which the customer is reached through strategic business partnerships. MedCOR currently has 100s of clients representing nearly every corner of the healthcare market.

“As soon as StrideTech GO is ready for market, our launch strategy will position it as a critical component of mobility safety,” stated Krause. 

We are grateful to Chris and everyone at MedCOR for extending the invitation for our partnership. Together we will be able to help walker users feel more confident, safer, for family members to know their loved ones are doing well, and Healthcare providers to have data to improve and inform users care with StrideTech GO. 

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