Smart Walkers Prevent Falls

Improve independence and safety using StrideTech Go, an innovative walker attachment technology.

Proper Walker Use Leads to Fewer Falls.

Our goal is to enhance the confidence of older adults using walkers by preventing falls, providing both them and their families peace of mind through the implementation of proactive technology.

  • Prevent falls caused by improper walker usage
  • Gain peace of mind for your patients and family members
  • Collect insightful data on walker usage


"For me to say to my dad... 'Dad, don't put so much weight on it'... it doesn't help our relationship"
- Katherine Wells

What Our Customers Are Saying...


Doctor of Physical Therapy

"This is a device that is long overdue."


Beta Tester

"It’s such a wonderful idea, and so easy to use."


Caregiver for 40 yrs

"StrideTech Go will prevent a lot of older adults from falling."

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