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By 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will be over the age of 65. The number of older adults in the United States is growing. This makes the need for safe, cutting-edge technology that will help our aging population live their highest quality of life, critical. While senior care has been slower to embrace technology, communities that are utilizing technology are paving the way to the future of senior care. This shared belief is how StrideTech quickly aligned with Modena Cherry Creek Senior Living

Modena Senior Living is all about elevating the experience of their seniors and looking for ways to create a better quality of life for their residents, including utilizing technology. Senior care has a track record for shying away from technology, however, when a global pandemic caused everything to go online, the industry quickly needed to adapt. Luckily, for Modena Senior Living, technology is seen as an opportunity to do better for their community and has been a part of their vision since the beginning.

“We want to be the next generation of senior living. We want to create an experience that utilizes cutting-edge technology to benefit our seniors,” stated Emily Skoney, Community Development Director at Modena Cherry Creek Senior Living. 

Today, 11.6% of adults over the age of 65 use a walker. Awareness of improper walker use and how it plays a role in falls in older adults, despite that it is a common, well-researched problem, is limited. For older adults, incorrect walker use often goes hand in hand with increased dependence on mobility devices, decreased mobility and falls.

Any incorrect use of a walker is a fall risk. In my world, a fall risk can easily result in death…To be able to ambulate properly and safely is such a critical thing for our residents, that is why StrideTech and the technology they are developing is going to change the way seniors move about in the world,” said Skoney. 

StrideTech and Modena Cherry Creek Senior Living have partnered under their shared vision to use technology in innovative ways that add to the experience of seniors. “StrideTech really does a fantastic job of looking for ways to do better for seniors and that is really what we want to do, we want to be part of the next generation, we want to move forward, be innovative - and StrideTech has all of those components to their company and their vision.

Residents of Modena Cherry Creek Senior Living were introduced to the StrideTech Go technology through hosting events where participants could put the tech to the test and experience the benefits first-hand.

“Modena is one of the most welcoming senior living communities we have had the pleasure of working with. They understand the need for technology in this industry and are willing to be on the forefront of Age-Tech innovation. We are excited about the opportunity this partnership offers,” said Timothy Visos-Ely, Co-Founder and CPO at StrideTech. 

StrideTech is eager to be able to expand our partnership with Modena Senior Living to allow for larger scale testing. StrideTech plans to test, conduct research, and distribute technology with established partnerships on a larger scale in the coming years. 

“This community is about our residents telling us what they want. With how excited our residents were demoing and testing StrideTech Go, it is absolutely something we would want to have in our community,” stated Skoney. 

Thank you to Modena Cherry Creek Senior Living for embracing StrideTech Go. The staff, residents, care providers, and families of Modena have been an important part of our journey as a company and we are excited to see how we can mutually benefit from each other’s expertise in furthering technology for seniors.

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