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Meet Grandma Chris

The inspiration and motivation behind Stride Tech


Hi my name is Tim,

After suffering from multiple strokes, my Grandma Chris has been using a walker everyday for more than a year now. Our family thought that her walker would keep her safe, improving her mobility and preventing any risk of a fall. We were wrong.

When she had a fall while using her walker, my family’s concern for her safety increased. We had assumed her walker would keep her safe in the event of a fall, but this was not the case. The more I learned about walkers, from how their basic design has not changed in over fifty years to how they can actually increase the risk of a fall, the more I realized how huge a problem walkers are. I knew there had to be a better way.

This lead me to Stride Tech. I combined my background as a mechanical engineer and my aspirations of being an entrepreneur, and started this company. Here, we aim to innovate for safer senior care, and bring better solutions to preventable problems. We’re here to empower seniors.

Grandma Chris has supported me and my family for as long as I can remember, now it’s my turn to return the favor.


Meet the Team

We met at the University of Colorado, Boulder, as a part of our senior mechanical engineering capstone course. We had the unique opportunity of developing Smart Step as our own project, competing in a school wide venture competition (and winning!), and combining our unique backgrounds to take this thing from the classroom to the real world. As a team, we found a passion for entrepreneurship and using technology to empower seniors to improve their mobility.

Timothy Visos-Ely


Humsini Acharya

R&D Director

Max Watrous

Computer Engineering Lead

Andrew Plum

Mechanical Engineering Lead


Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce fall risk of seniors who use walkers, giving them and their family peace of mind through proactive technology.

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