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Lower the chances of your loved one falling by using StrideTech Go, an innovative walker attachment technology.

Correct Walker Usage and Improve Posture

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The problem with Walkers

How using a walker wrong can cause more harm than good.

When a walker is pushed too far away or too much weight is placed on the walker handles this causes more harm than you might think. Watch the video to see how poor walker use can increase risk of falling.

  • Increased risk of falling
  • Walker dependence
  • Poor posture
StrideTech Technology

Prevent falls caused by incorrect walker use.

StrideTech easily attaches to any walker frame and detects incorrect walker use as described above. Instant vibration and visual feedback is provided through soft handle covers. Think of this feedback as a simple, subtle reminder to stand taller and closer to the walker frame.

  • When your foot crosses the wheelbase, posture improves
  • Placing less weight on the walker reduces walker dependence
  • Preserve your loved one's independence

Gain peace of mind with remote monitoring and alerts.

StrideTech Go connects to an app which allows families and healthcare professionals to see how posture and walker use is improving with StrideTech Go, even when nobody is there.

  • Monitor changes in walker usage in real time
  • Gain confidence in how your loved one is progressing with their mobility
  • Set automated alerts on walker usage, inactivity, and more
  • Data can be sent to healthcare professionals to help inform care
"StrideTech Go will prevent a lot of older adults from falling."
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