Meet Our Pilot Testers

The individuals below are the Hall of Fame Members from our first long-term, large-scale testing that was done over 12-weeks at Eaton Senior Communities. Each of these individuals were wonderful to work with and each share our vision for helping individuals live life to its fullest potential. Thank you, thank you!

A special shout out to Sarah Schoeder (pictured below), she was our Eaton Pilot "Captain". She was phenomenal at making the experience the best for everyone involved

Sarah Schoeder**

Linda "Grammy73" Z.

Janet "Cat Woman" W.

Ken "Mixer" S.

Shirley "Squirrely" R.

Melva "Sunshine" P.

Shirley "Shirl" O.

Debbie "Blondie" M.

Jenene "Pinky" A.

Boulder, CO

William "Billy Boy" H.

Miami, FL

Eleanor "Ellie" G.

Chicago, IL

Grace "Red" L.

Not pictured, but equally as important to our pilot tester crew, Marilyn B. and "Miss Lilly" (The Rev) M.

"I talk to my StrideTech Go device as if
it could hear me. The feedback is like a
family member reminding me to use
my walker correctly.”

- Grace

"I really enjoy the feedback, it helps
me to remember to stand up straight.
I have felt the difference in my back
since using StrideTech Go."


"It is helpful to be reminded.
The light on StrideTech Go
is a good reminder for me to
stand up straight!"

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