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StrideTech manufactures smart attachments that are universally compatible with any walker that detects common walker misuses that lead to falls and injury. When StrideTech senses excessive weight bearing and forward leaning posture, it provides immediate vibration feedback  through the walker handles to alert the user to these unsafe behaviors.

StrideTech Go

  • Carry Case
  • StrideTech Unit with Rechargeable battery installed
  • Pair of Walker Handle Covers with embedded sensors
  • 1 long connector wire for left side walker handle cover
  • 1 short connector wire for right side walker handle cover
  • Magnetic USB wall adapter for charging
  • Velcro strips for wire management
  • User guide
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StrideTech Go

$ 250.00 USD

StrideTech Go is a walker attachment that turns walkers smart. Attachable in minutes on almost any walker, StrideTech Go detects body position and weight-bearing on a walker frame and provides real-time alerts when improper posture is detected.

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Walker Grip Covers

$ 34.89 USD

StrideTech Walker Grip Covers are specifically designed for handles with a fin, most commonly seen on rolling walkers. This ergonomic feature, along with a sticky rubber underbelly, keep the covers firmly adhered to the walker's handles to minimize slipping or sliding around.

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