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Improve Compliance with Correct Walker Use

Track and improve your patient's walker usage using StrideTech Pro, an innovative walker attachment technology.

Train Correct Walker Use

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The problem with Walkers

Current walker training methods aren't working.

In an article published by Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, it was found that despite the benefits, habitually poor walker use, as marked by excessive weight on the walker handles and/or excessive distance between the user and the walker, can lead to muscle atrophy, poor posture, and falls. A later study published in Geriatrics and Gerontology International showed that over 87% of severe falls with an assistive device occurred with a walker. They recommended increased time devoted to fitting and education on proper use."

  • Occasional retraining of patients on walker use fails establish safe habits.
  • Elavated re-admittance rates lead to frustration for both patient and their families.
  • The time spent retraining patients distracts from your Plan of Care.
StrideTech Technology

Prevent falls caused by incorrect walker use.

StrideTech effortlessly attaches to most walker frames and identifies incorrect walker use. Immediate vibration and visual feedback are delivered through soft handle covers. Consider this feedback as a gentle yet effective reminder to stand taller and closer to the walker. Utilize StrideTech Go as a training tool that goes home with your patients.

  • Reduce time spent on training/retraining walker usage
  • Improve patient engagement and satisfaction
  • One StrideTech Pro unit can be utilized with multiple patients

Improve insight and documentation with remote patient monitoring

StrideTech connects to an app which remotely tracks patient data on their walker usage, activity, and posture. Individual patient profiles can be setup so that personalized settings can be adjusted for each patient.

  • Monitor change in walker usage between visits to inform care
  • Give patients a boost of confidence through visual progress
  • Collect data that can be used as a streamlined Outcome Measure
  • Improve patient education and assistive device training
"This is a device that is long overdue."
Doctor of Physical Therapy

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