Smart Step

Gain insight and control into your health and mobility with a smart walker


The Problem with Walkers

When used as a crutch walkers can shift the user’s center of gravity beyond their bodies base of support. This puts the user at a greater fall risk in critical movements such as transitions from sitting to standing or for short unassisted walks. Smart Step ensures the user’s center of gravity is always over their base of support.


Grip Covers.PNG

Ensuring Safe Walker Use

Grip covers simply slide onto existing walker handles, providing haptic feedback, weight sensing, and comfort.

Studies show that placing more than 10% body weight on a walker can lead to poor walking health and an increase in falls. Smart Step senses weight placed on each grip and provides haptic feedback when this weight limit is reached. Immediate feedback ensures safe walker use habits are formed

Behavior Tracking

Understanding daily activity patterns and long term trends in weight sensing can inform you and your family about your health and well-being. By detecting slight increases in weight bearing on your walker over time, Smart Step can detect mobility decline before a major injury occurs.



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